Notice Of Impending Price Increase

It is now ten years since we last changed the price of our Fatmeter range. We have managed to do this by investing in improved designs and workflow while also working hard to keep costs down through efficiency and innovation.

In the past two years, however, the weakened global economy has led to increased costs in materials, components and business overheads. This has forced us to increase the price of our meters, spare parts, repairs and service work. The price increase will be 10% and will apply to all orders despatched on or after 1st April 2011.

We understand that this might be difficult for our customers, but let me put the increase in perspective. In the past ten years UK inflation has seen costs rise by 23%. If we had increased our prices at the rate of inflation each year then our £3,995 meters would now cost over £4,900, nearly £1,000 more than current prices.

At present our meters are still at 2001 prices. The 10% price rise, in the context of inflation, means that our meters will be at 2006 equivalent prices, and they are therefore still cheaper than they would be if we had applied a year-on-year price increase at the normal rate of inflation.

Be assured that we are only applying this price increase because it is necessary for us to continue to develop our technology and to provide the high level of service that our customers are used to.

The new retail prices for our meters will be:

Meat Fatmeter Kits

MFM-1092 (standard sensor model) £ 4,395
MFM-992 (small sensor model) £ 3,295

Fish Fatmeter Kits

FFM-692 (standard sensor model) £ 4,395
FFM-992 (small sensor model) £ 3,295

Fish Freshness Meter Kits

Torrymeter £ 1,535

All prices are in GBP, excluding VAT and delivery.