Monitoring the freshness, and quality of… Chicken Meat

Over the PAST 10 years or so, through our Distributors in Korea, we have supplied… Distell’s Freshness Meters to… Korea Animal Products Evaluation Institute (KAPE), for use throughout Korea for the purpose of… Monitoring the freshness, and quality of… Chicken Meat.

KAPE’s application allows them to differentiate the Quality and Freshness of Chicken Thigh Meat, sold to the general public, and classify and grade the Chicken, as follows…

  • Differentiate Fresh Chicken Meat, that meets the latest Quality Grading, in Korea (has never been frozen, and less than 48 hours since slaughter).
  • Identify Chicken Meat that has been previously frozen.
  • Identify Chicken meat classed as fresh-outside.

Differentiation of Deboned Fresh Chicken Thigh Meat from the Frozen.Torrymeter