Meter Accessories

Battery Charger Unit

Only the unit supplied with your kit should be used to charge the battery pack, or power the meter. This is connected to the 7-way outlet on the meter. The charger supply unit simply plugs into the mains socket, accepting input mains voltage from… 110v–240v AC, 50–60 Hz. The charger unit comes complete with various plug configurations for use around the world. A Red LED will illuminate when charger / power supply is switched ON. The battery pack should be fully charged after a period of 12 hours. When charging is complete, first disconnect the charger from the mains and then from the meter.

Power Supply

The Battery Charger Unit can also be used as a desktop power supply. This will power the meter + charge the internal batteries.

Check Pad

All scientific instruments need regular calibration. In the case of the Fatmeter an annual calibration is recommended. Where the meter is subject to intensive use, a twice yearly calibration check is recommended.

So that you can be sure that the meter is operating to specifications, it is always best to take measurements on the check pad, PRIOR to commencing work. The check pad provides the user with a quick daily check that the calibration has not changed significantly since last calibration. It should be noted, however, that the results obtained do not verify your meter’s precise calibration, but they do give an assurance that there has been no significant change.

The pad has two rectangular slots which provide a representative reading of the high and low range of a stated species selection. A series of eight readings should be taken in each of these slots (firm pressure should be applied). The average readings obtained should fall within ± 2% of the values stated on the pad.

Because of the compressible nature of the pad, different operators may obtain slightly different results on the check pad, using the same instrument. It is therefore recommended that one person be made responsible for this daily check, so that consistent daily checks are carried out.

Data Cable

Always use the data cable supplied for downloading to computer. Connect the 7-way plug to outlet on meter, and the other end directly into a USB port on your computer.


The CD contains the User Manuals, Data Management Software, Measurements Charts, and other useful information.

User Manuals & Measurement Charts

A Hard copy of… User Manuals, Measurement Charts & Calibration Certificate

Carry Case

The Fatmeter Kit is supplied in a robust carry case, and comes complete with 2 keys for security of your Fatmeter.