Menu Structure

Choices Menu…

From the screen at Switch-On, choose ‘NO’. The Choices menu screen will appear in the order shown below. There are FOUR Options. Cycle through the options untill the correct one is displayed and press ‘YES’.

Select ‘N’ to access Choices Menu below

Fatmeter Product Menu Option product_fishfatmeter_menu_choice_samples product_fishfatmeter_menu_choice_download product_fishfatmeter_menu_choice_settime
Product Samples Download Set Time

Product Menu…

Your Fatmeter will normally be supplied with FOUR Calibrations of your choice, as standard. Each calibration is assigned a number, normally between 0 – 3. Simply choose the number that corresponds with the calibration setting on your index card. The display will show the calibration selected.

Select ‘Y’ to access Product options below

Product = 0 Product = 1 Product = 2 Product = 3 Product = 4

* Please note… You can have up to 80 different calibrations programmed into your Fatmeter.

Samples Menu…

For greatest accuracy you should always choose EIGHT Sample Readings. All of Distell’s calibrations are based upon this number of readings, for measuring samples of product. However, option is available to change the number of sample readings making up the average. This is especially helpful to organisations measuring live fish, or, carrying out routine screening of products. The display will show the number of samples selected.


Select ‘Y’ to access Sample options below

Samples = 1 Samples = 2 Samples = 3 Samples = 4 Samples = 5 Samples = 6

Download Menu…

The Download menu is used to copy stored sample data to the Data Management System (DMS) running on an attached Windows PC. For more information, refer to the DMS users manual.
Select ‘Y’ to begin the download procedure

Set Date & Time…

You should set the time and date when you first receive the meter.
Select ‘Y’ to access Set Time options below

Minutes Hours Date

This will then ensure that all recorded samples reflect the correct date and time.