Data Management

The Fatmeter can download the measurements in ‘Real Time’ or in a block as ‘Historical Data’.

Data in ‘Real Time’

Each time an average reading is generated, after a series of readings, the meter downloads the data collected via the Download / Charging Socket. If you wish to collect the data in real time, simply connect the meter to your PC using the data cable provided. The data can then be collected using the Distell Data Management System (DMS).

Historical Data

Up to 1,000 sets of readings can be stored in the meter’s memory. Use the Download menu option to download all the stored readings to the Distell Data Management System (DMS).

Your Computer Hardware

The Distell Data Management System (DMS) runs on a Windows PC, and works in Windows 2000 or better. The Fatmeter comes complete with a Data Cable for connection to a communications port on your computer. Note: always use the data cable supplied by Distell.