Meat Fatmeter FAQ’s

Meat Fatmeter FAQ’s

Can it be used on LIVE Fish or Mammals ?

Can samples be used after testing?

Can the MEASUREMENT DATA be electronically stored for later use?

Can we use the Fatmeter to measure processed Meats?

Do I have to calibrate separately for different temperature ranges?

Do normal laboratory tests still need to be carried out ?

Does temperature affect the performance or results achieved using the Fatmeter ?

How accurate is the Fatmeter?

How fast is the Measurement?

Is it really portable?

Is it Waterproof?

Is the equipment accredited for use within the Meat Industry ?

Some Advice on using the Meat Fatmeter on Processed Meats…

The meter is showing out of range

What factors usually affect the measurement ?

What is the cost of a service contract?

What is the difference between Beef1 and Burger1 calibrations?

What is the main use of the Distell Meat Fatmeter ?

What precautions should I take when comparing Meat Fatmeter results with Laboratory Analysis ?