Independent study validates Fatmeter accuracy

Anyone who is interested in the Distell Fatmeter might also be interested to read a paper published by the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission (NPAFC). The paper is the product of a Fish Fatmeter evaluation study where immature chum salmon were tested with both the Fatmeter and with chemical laboratory analysis.

The study found that the Fatmeter did provide an accurate and rapid assessment of fat content in the subject fish. The paper states that the Fatmeter ‘can be used as an effective tool for the rapid estimation of total lipid contents in chum salmon’, and goes on to say: ‘Our results demonstrate that the strong relationship between the total lipid content of half body fillet and microwave meter [Fatmeter] values. Unlike chemical analysis, microwave meter enables us to assess the total lipid content rapidly.’

The full text of the paper can be found on the NSAPC website.