Technical Specifications


Instrument Temperature Range Max – 25° to + 45°C
Fish Temperature Range 0° to 20°C (Allowable)
0° to 10°C (Recommended for best results)
Power Source Self contained rechargeable cells
Dimensions Overall length – 155 mm
Overall width (max) – 80 mm
Overall depth (max) – 30 mm
Weight 250 gm
Meter Enclosure Made from ABS plastic, waterproofed to IP65 (BS 5490, 1977).
Sensor Enclosure Acetal plastic, Carbon & Steel electrodes

Charger / power supply module

Input Voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 12V DC
Charging Current 150-300 mA
Mains Supply Connections 3-pin plug or other suitable terminals for country of use.

Colour coding:
Brown wire: Live
Blue wire: Neutral
Yellow/Green: Earth

Dimensions Overall length: 100 mm
Overall width: 60 mm
Overall depth: 60 mm incl fitted plug
Weight 150 gm

Carry case

Carry case Made from: Aluminium body, Steel fittings, plastazote foam