Measuring Fish with Torrymeter

Meter care and service

Cleaning and general care

The Torrymeter is a sealed unit and is waterproofed prior to leaving the factory. However, we do not recommend that the unit be immersed in water or any other fluid. Anyone tampering with the unit, opening the seals, etc, will immediately invalidate the warranty.

The meter is encased in impact resistant abs plastic, with the sensing probes made from stainless steel and carbon materials. It may be cleaned with a damp cloth, using a mild solution of soap or detergent in water. Be aware that some household cleaners may contain chemicals which could seriously damage the plastic housing. Avoid the use of any petroleum based solvent cleaners. Do not let slime dry out on the electrode surfaces. Do not attempt to clean the electrode surfaces with abrasives.

The unit should be charged regularly and the meter retained within its case when not in use, for safekeeping.

Your Torrymeter is a precision instrument! Ensure that the unit is stored securely in transit. Do not drop or otherwise misuse the equipment, as this may invalidate the warranty.

Before calling for service

If you have reason to believe that a fault has occurred, please first of all check the following:

  • Is the unit switched on?
  • Has the battery pack been charged?

If no obvious fault is apparent please telephone our Help Desk for advice and to report the fault.

Warranty and service

Your Torrymeter is fully warranted against manufacturing defect for a period of 12 months. See Appendix 3 on page 81 for fuller details.

If you need to return the unit for repair, please contact your supplier for advice on how to do so. The meter should be carefully packed, together with an explanatory note as to the nature of the fault.

Should you have difficulty in returning your Torrymeter to your supplier for servicing, you can always contact Distell.Com direct by telephoning our Help Desk, reporting the fault and asking for a Returns Number. Please quote date of purchase and give a full description of the fault.