Measuring Fish with Torrymeter

Guidance for Angling Club Competitions

The Fish Freshness Meter “Torrymeter” is used around the world as an objective measurement of freshness of fish caught at various angling competitions.

With ever increasing prize money at stake, many competitors try to beat the system by having a suitable fish caught and stored in ice (or frozen) outside the competition window. The fish is then presented as having been caught within the competition and the prize money claimed.

The Torrymeter allows an objective method of assessing the relative freshness of the competition fish simply and easily. Also, the meter is exceptionally useful for identifying fish that have been previously frozen by displaying a value of “4 or less” even although the fish looks very fresh and wholesome.

Some basic advice …
Step 1 Before the competition date, ensure that you have a Freshness Chart / Organoleptic Chart for the fish species that you intend to fish. If the fish species is not already specified in the Handbook, then you need to prepare a new chart.

Step 2 If you need to prepare a chart then please adopt the following procedure. This is quite easily done using the Torrymeter to measure one or two fish over a period of 1- 2 weeks….

  • Procure 1 or 2 fish from the local market, or better still, fish freshly caught at sea.
  • Immediately store the fish in ice / water mixture, and maintain at or just above 0° C. Do not allow the fish to become frozen…as this destroys the cellular structure. The meter will display a value of “4 or less” where fish have been allowed to freeze.
  • Measure the fish as recommended in the Handbook, ensuring that you measure consistently at the same position on the fish each time.
  • Measure the fish twice per day, in the morning, and in the evening, and keep a note of the readings.
    Continue the process until the fish is spoiled.

Step 3 Using this information prepare your Freshness Chart, and if possible, have your new Freshness Chart checked by an experienced fisherman or fish expert who can help validate your results.

Step 4 Arrange that ALL fish caught during the competition are measured using the Torrymeter. Relate the measurement to your Freshness Chart.

Step 5 Any fish that show a significant difference in freshness value from the average should be further investigated.