Principle Of Operation

The lipid content of naturally occurring fish is related to the water content, and the measurement of one can serve to determine the other if the relationship is known. The Fish Fat Meter utilises this fact in establishing the fat content.

The instrument uses a microstrip sensor which is sensitive to the water content of the sample. Using stored calibration data the instrument converts the response of the sensor to a displayed percentage fat/oil content.

The principles of the method were defined after a number of years of research and development conducted by the Torry Research Station (TRS) of the UK’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) in Aberdeen, Scotland. Calibrations were obtained using large numbers fish covering many species. Results of this work and other related research have been published in the scientific and technical press by staff of TRS.

This instrument has been further developed by The Fatmeter is covered by various patents in several countries.