Meter Calibration

Calibration Check

Each morning it is important to check that the calibration of the fatmeter HAS NOT CHANGED from the previous check. The check is carried out using the CHECK PAD supplied.

Procedure is as follows…

  • Select the correct calibration from the menu. Press RESET on the fatmeter to confirm that you have selected the correct calibration setting. The chosen setting (eg. SALMON) should agree with the calibration setting stated on the check pad.
  • There are TWO ranges on the check pad. High range and low range.
  • Locate the sensor in low range aperture… ensuring a steady pressure is applied to the fatmeter to ensure that the sensor head is fully in contact with the pad. Press the READ button, and hold until reading is stable, then release. Repeat readings until “Average Reading” is displayed.
  • Now locate the sensor in high range aperture and repeat the procedure above.

Assuming that the readings agree with your previous checks, then you can proceed to take measurements on your daily product samples.

Failed Check Pad Test…

What if Check Pad readings do not agree with the Fatmeter ? This means that something has changed from the last test. Possible areas for error include…

  • New , or inexperienced operator carrying out the checks.
  • Incorrect calibration setting chosen
  • Sensor not properly located in aperture, thus not in contact with the pad.

If the checks using the check pad have been carried out correctly, then we must suspect that the calibration in the Fatmeter has somehow changed. There are THREE options at this point…

  • Carry out a check in Iso-Propanol Solutions, and verify that the fatmeter results agree with Calibration Table supplied on the rear of your calibration certificate.
  • If this check is OK, then the pad itself must be faulty. WE WOULD EMPHASISE THAT A FAULTY CHECK PAD IS RARE.
  • If this check confirms that the fatmeter is ‘out of calibration’, then please contact Distell, to arrange for the fatmeter to be returned for service and re-calibration.

Contact Distell’s Helpline for advice. We will talk you through the check procedure, and advise accordingly.