General Description

The Distell Fatmeter was developed in response to demand from various customers for a meter that could measure lipid content of fish, meat and poultry products simply, and non-destructively. The hand held instrument is placed in contact with the sample and the fat/oil content is displayed on the instrument’s digital readout, providing instant processing or quality control information. The value is also stored in memory for later downloading to computer. These features are invaluable for organisations requiring collation and reporting information, especially where HACCP and TQM regimes are in force.

There are calibrations available for a large number of fish and meats of commercial importance. There is also the option of having Distell prepare a specific calibration of your choice, where required.

The instrument is non-destructive and non-invasive in use, and for this reason can be used equally well on live or dead fish, small live animals, whole pieces of meat, or minced meat products.

Please note however, that the instrument cannot measure samples that are frozen, and it is necessary to fully defrost such samples before measurement.

There are two models of Fish Fatmeter available:

Model - FM 692: This is our standard commercial model, with standard sensor head, for use with larger fish species such as Herring, Mackerel, Salmon, Sea Bream, Seabass, Tuna, etc.

Model - FM 992: This is our latest meter, with smaller sensor head, for use with smaller fish species such as Anchovy, Sprat, Sardines, Small fish fry,etc. This meter can also be used on larger fish species, but there is a slight degradation in representational accuracy. This can be overcome by taking additional measurements from the sample.