Fatmeter Update

The first models of the Fish Fatmeter were supplied to customers within the fish industry in July 1992. Since then the Fish Fatmeter has become universally known and is in use throughout the world. Distell has received invaluable feedback from customers about the use of the Fatmeter in the field. This allows us to constantly improve and refine the Fatmeter and to give you hints and tips on its use.

Also, we received numerous enquiries regarding the operation and accuracy of the Fatmeter, and how the results compare with the current, historical methods used in industry.

It would seem that the sampling and analysis procedures are far from standardised and varies from country to country, and even from company to company within these countries. Even where the same laboratory equipment is used, there are different sampling techniques apparent, which seems to give varying results.

We are continually revising and updating our user manual to try and give customers as much information as possible. The user manual should be treated as a guide. It is not fully comprehensive, but is provided simply to help you understand the Fatmeter, how it operates, and how to eliminate factors that may affect your results.

If, having read the user manual, you still have a query or a problem, please do not hesitate to contact our HELP DESK at our UK address.