Fish Fatmeter FAQ’s

Fish Fatmeter FAQ’s

Battery not holding charge

Can it be used on LIVE Fish?

Can I use the Fish Fatmeter on Skipjack 3 Kg and Yellowfin 10Kg up?

Can samples be used after testing?

Can the MEASUREMENT DATA be electronically stored for later use?

Can we use the Fatmeter to measure processed Fish?

Do normal laboratory tests still need to be carried out?

Does G-BREAM-1 corresponds to fat content of both sides trimmed fillet without skin?

Does temperature affect the performance or results achieved using the Fatmeter?

How accurate is the Fatmeter?

How can we resolve different results between the Fish Fatmeter and laboratory methods?

How does the Fish Fatmeter work?

How fast is the Measurement?

I'm Interested in specs of your fat meter to use on pacific sardines

If I send you my old fish fat meter, I can receive a new one with a discount?

Is it really portable?

Is it Waterproof?

Is one of the Salmon salar calibations on whole gutted salmon?

Is the instrument applicable to fish with and without skin and frozen ?

Should the G.Bream-1 calibration provide similar results to the equivalent lab analysis?

Some advice on using the Fish Fatmeter where you do not have a specific fish calibration available..

What is the main use of the Distell Fish Fatmeter?

What precautions should I take when comparing Fish Fatmeter results with laboratory Analysis?

Why are the fatmeters results different to the lab results?

Will measuring on, rather than above, the sideline (Lateral Line) affect our results?