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Entering new calibration


I have recently calibrated a Fish Fat Meter for Murray cod. I am now trying to enter this calibration into the fat meter. I am using the calibration module, and following the methods provided. However, when I get to the end of the procedure it keeps coming up with:

Run-time error ‘424’: Object required

I am not really sure when, because I am following methods correctly. The only things I can think of is are the wrong COM port is selected (I have just been plugging the cable into a USB port, and selecting COM 1), or that the calibration data has decimal points (although I tried it with some dummy data without decimals and the same problem was occurring.


The USB Com port will NOT be COM 1… that is you normal serial port COM.


There is a NEW, UPDATED version of our Data Management Software(DMS) on our Website. This makes the creation of custom calibrations a lot easier…

  • Entering custom data is easier
  • You can monitor the graph, as data is addedYou can choose three different graph types… Exponential (default), Linear, and Polynomial.
  • You can export data as.. “.csv file format”
  • You can import data as.. “.csv file format”

To download the latest version of DMS, go to our Website… www.distell.com/downloads/DMSInstaller.exe (note : upper-case.. D, M, S, I)


To identify the virtual USB Ports, generated by the Fatmeter connection to your PC…

BEFORE Connecting Fatmeter to the PC…

  • Open the DMS
  • Choose Edit
  • then Preferences
  • Scroll through the COM port options available, and note the COM Port numbers shown.

WITH Fatmeter connected…

Repeat the above operation and note the additional TWO COM Ports now available…

  • From the Preferences Menu, select the lower COM Port, and exit the Menu.
  • You should now see the selected Com Port at the top of the screen (Distell Management System (COM6).

You are now ready to upload your custom calibration to the Fatmeter, proceed as follows…

On the Fatmeter… Meter OFF

  • Connect Fatmeter to PC using datacomms cable supplied by Distell
  • Switch Fatmeter ON, and from the main menu, select “Add Product”, confirm “Data ready?, till “Waiting data” is shown on display.

On the PC…

  • Open DMS
  • Choose File Menu
  • Choose Upload Calibration
  • New screen will load… Choose Browse, navigate to your custom calibration file, and double click on file name (file will now appear in “file to upload” box)
  • Then click Load, to display files available in main window
  • Click on Start, and you should see the data progress bar activate on the PC

You should check that Data is scrolling on the Fatmeter Display (if data not scrolling on Fatmeter display, then you have chosen the wrong COM port… change Port and try again.

General FAQs

The light on my charger just blinks and won't stay on


The light on my charger just blinks and won’t stay on.


This would indicate a short circuit at the plug which connects to the Torrymeter. Can you please check that the cables have not been twisted when inserting the plug into Torrymeter… this would cause the wires to come together, inside the plug, causing the charger to indicate a short circuit by flashing led.

What is the meter protocol for communicating with the PC?


What is the meter protocol for communicating with the PC?


The meter protocol is available for download.