Data Management System

The Data Management System, or DMS, is a software package that forms the link between Distell meters and a PC. It offers several useful functions:

Data download and export

The DMS will accept sample data from a meter either in real-time or as a batch download. Once the data is in the DMS, the user can:

  • add notes to the sample data;
  • print a report of the data;
  • print a graph of the data;
  • save the data in the native .FMD format file;
  • export the data to a Comma Separated Value file (.CSV), which can then be imported into a spreadsheet, database or other analysis application.

Audit trail

The DMS does not allow sample data to be edited, so we recommend that users keep copies of DMS data files (those with a .FMD extension) for audit purposes, since this provides a historical trail of sampling and results.

Custom calibration creation

The DMS provides the facility to create a custom calibration. This is useful if you wish to use a meter (typically a Fatmeter) on a type of fish or meat product that is not already supported by Distell. You can read more in our technical note on custom calibrations.

Calibration upload

The DMS provides the capability to upload a calibration to your meter. This could be a custom calibration of your own creation or a newly-purchased calibration that you have received from Distell.