Welcome to Distell.com

Welcome to Distell.com

Distell.com are the world's foremost producer of hand-held meters for measuring fat content of fish and meat and the freshness of fish.

Our Products

Meat Fatmeter

The Distell Meat Fatmeter comes in two models, MFM-992 and MFM-1092. The MFM-992 has a small sensor head while the MFM-1092 has a large sensor head, and the choice of meter is usually determined by the meat product being measured.


Fish Fatmeter

The Distell Fish Fatmeter also comes in two models, FFM-692 and FFM-992. In the same way as with the Meat Fatmeter, the FFM-992 has a small sensor head for small fish and the FFM-692 has a large sensor head for larger fish.


Fish Freshness Meter

The Distell Fish Freshness meter, or Torrymeter, measures the freshness of fish produce.


Data Management System

The Distell Management System allows data to be downloaded from any Distell meter, allowing the data to be inspected and exported for further analysis. It is supplied with every meter kit.


Our meters offer several distinct advantages

  • Instant results
  • Non-destructive testing (can be used on live subjects)
  • Handheld and portable
  • Waterproof and rugged
  • Simple to use

Distell.com meters are in use across the world in areas of food processing, sea fishing, aquaculture, academic research, quality control and monitoring.

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